First day of high school?

Little Miss is doing a rolling start on some of her classes, even though the Thompson Family Academy doesn’t officially start until September 1st (as God and J.K. Rowling intended). She actually started her online Latin class last week, but today was a really big day for her — and for me. Today I dropped her off at a local university model school for biology. While she has been taking orchestra at that school for the past two years, this felt different. This felt big. This felt like I should curl up and with her baby blanket and weep.

Behold! The Freshman!

high school day 1

The rest of the clan took a field trip to Hobby Lobby. Behold! Their stuff! Satchmo assembling his brush robot. Hopefully, it can take care of the hole punch malfunction decorating our floor. (Listen, I’m a hot mess and so is my house. There’s no use trying to hide it.)

robot brush.jpg

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robot can.jpg

And Sprite doing what she’s done all summer: listening to audio books and crocheting like crazy.

sprite's summer.jpg

I’ve still got more than a week before we officially start. Hopefully, I’ll have that hole punch confetti up by then. Right now I’m going to adjust to being the mother of a high school student.

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