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Fine Arts Friday: Sing in October!

New songs, new songs, move down, move down!

We’re still listening to the beautiful chants of Hildegard von Bilgen, but we have our new folk song and hymn for the month. A reminder, I usually follow Ambleside Online’s well-put together rotation. If you are at all interested in Charlotte Mason, you should definitely spend some time reading through that impressive site. In addition to a year-by-year curriculum guide and fine arts suggestions, they have reproduced most (all) of Miss Mason’s original work and have a great many resources for families wanted to use her methods. Even if you aren’t as gung-ho in your Charlotte Mason approach as they are (and I’m not), it’s still an invaluable resource.

Ahem, to the singing.

The folk song is one that has  English, Irish, and American versions: “Billy Boy.” I’m going with the American version because ‘Merica! Also, it’s the one with which I’m most familiar. But I think the different versions highlight one of the things I like most about folk songs: their versatility and adaptability. For example, Wikipedia lists a fun, final verse that puts a humorous twist on the whole song.



Be careful if you go searching for other performances. Some people think this song is one big double entendre. Those people need Jesus.

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This hymn is one that survivors report being played by the band on the Titanic before she sank.  Here’s another beautiful vocal rendition by BYU’s a capella group Vocal Point.

And finally, so as not to ignore the beauty of instruments other than voices, The Piano Guys version. It gets me in the feels.

Have a musical October!

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  2. […] of variations, last month’s folk song and this month’s folk song seem to have a connection, most likely this month’s song […]

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