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Fine Arts Friday: Riotous

Our final composer for this academic year is Igor Stravinsky. Most of us are familiar with Stravinsky  from Fantasia (the dinosaurs) and Fantasia 2000 (the forest fire.) Ironically for a piece of music most of us associate with a Disney movie, the Rite of Spring famously caused a riot when it was first performed in Paris in 1913. Interestingly, the dancer in this introduction to the piece said the riot began before the overture began. Parisians.

I hadn’t planned it, but our studies of Stravinsky coincide with our American history studies of the 20th century: provocative and tumultuous, with new developments around every corner.  Stravinsky’s work is beautiful and interesting, but not always easy to listen to.

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For a kid-friendly bio of Stravinsky, check out Classical Kids. This is a pretty good bio for older students (including adults.)

Happy (?) listening!

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