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Fine Arts Friday: New Songs, Move Down

clean cup move down


Or I guess to be more true to the filched quote, “Clean songs, clean songs, move down, move down!” Hmmm. Maybe we’ll read Jabberwocky today. Because it is brillig. Or it could be. Honestly, I don’t even know what brillig is, but there are definitely no slithy toves around here.

This month’s folk song is an Australian tune called “Along the Road to Gundagai.”  I like this version for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the name Slim Dusty reminds me of the Three Amigos.

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This months hymn “O Thou in Whose Presence” is particularly lovely, especially this a capella version by Fernando Ortego.

We’re still enjoying Corot and Brahms, the latter of which I don’t think I’ve written about. Eh, I still have seven weeks left in the term. I’ll get to it. Maybe.

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Enjoy the clean cups! Er, new songs!

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