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Fine Arts Friday: Nature, studied.

My birthday gift was a camping trip. Unfortunately, conflicts made it a short overnight trip rather than the two days we wanted. Still, it was a wonderful time.

We went up to Cooper Lake State Park near Sulphur Springs. It’s beautiful country and, most importantly for me, far enough away from the city that you can see stars. Stars! We had a great view of Jupiter and Mars. The southern sky was cloudy, so we weren’t able to see Saturn, but there was still plenty to see. I tried to get a picture of the crescent moon through the telescope, but I think I need to make an adapter for that.

Although we saw lots of tracks, we didn’t see deer, but we saw and heard a multitude of birds, including the whippoorwills, owls, woodpeckers, and of course, mockingbirds. There were cardinals everywhere, including one nutty bird who was picking a fight with the bird in the side mirror of a car and the RV’s hubcap.

Less enchantingly, we heard some beasty scrounging in the woods beside our campsite. It sounded . . . big. (It was probably just an armadillo or possum. I hate possums.) However, other than a few cottontail rabbits, we didn’t see any other mammals. We did see lots of spiders and daddy long legs, which, although they are arachnids, are not spiders. (This bit of info has cause some strife between my youngest son — who is very concerned with being correct — and the neighbor child. Said neighbor child also called scorpions “bugs.” It was dicey for a minute.)

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It was a pretty good way to enter my 5th decade.

Put your cursor over the pictures for a description. You may have to move it off and on for each picture.

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