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Fine Arts Friday: Busy Day

Today we had friends over for a craft day.  It was a busy, full, crafty day.

My friend and the kids made pipe cleaner penguin snow globes. And also pipe cleaner imposter penguins (AKA bunnies) and pipe cleaner Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters.


A closer look at the Mythbusters. Adam is a little abstract.


The older girls and moms also made these very cool oil lamps. Well, we started on them; we had some supply issues. But they will be very neat wintery oil lamps once we find the special oil lamp wick holder.

 oil lamp

 A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to do this mixed-media autumn art project, so that’s what I did instead of penguins. I think it turned out pretty well. (Just beyond the very tight crop are the children’s Halloween buckets. I call my decorating style “suburban realistic.”)
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autumn art


As I said, it was a busy day.

Bonus nature studies: the Comet ISON is having an outburst. While outbursts are unwanted in children, they’re highly desirable in comets. It may even be able to be seen by the naked eye and almost certainly through binoculars of telescopes. Best viewing times are the pre-dawn hours.

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