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Fine Arts Friday: breaking with (my) tradition

When it comes to hymns, I tend to be a traditionalist. I prefer the original version to new adaptations. Too often, the modern variations are changed too much to sing with if you’re familiar with the original. Or they leave out key verses or change the words so much they change the meaning. Honestly, just write your own song, people! Note: this is just my personal preference, not a hill to die on or even a “secondary issue.” I don’t dislike modern music,  I just generally prefer the original art when it comes to hymns.

But this month. I’ve ditched all my purist tendencies and embraced the new-ish. We’re learning “Anywhere with Jesus.” After listening to a few versions available on YouTube, I was going to abandon it because um … ugh. (I decided not to link to the “ugh” videos because is you can’t say anything nice, don’t link anything at all.) Anyway, I found this jazzed up version by Amy Grant which is great. (There’s also a similarly wonderful version sung by Wynona Judd.)


Lyrics and sheet music here, if you want to go the more traditional route.
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Speaking of variations, last month’s folk song and this month’s folk song seem to have a connection, most likely this month’s song coming before last month’s. Follow? That is, “Lord Randall” is probably the older song, and “Billy Boy” seems to be an adaptation or at least very loosely based on that first song. This is a rather lovely version of this mournful song.


Whether it’s the traditional or new version, the original song or a variation, have fun singing.

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