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Fine Arts Friday: Behold! Your country!

Sorry, I get a little excited about our next art adventure: the Hudson River school painters.  I have loved Thomas Cole’s Voyage of Life series sent I first set eyes on it, and I enjoy the other artists in this school just as well.

The Hudson River School of artists depicted the American landscape through a romantic and somewhat awestruck lens, appropriately I think. I’m glad that America’s first school of art was one that did seek to capture beauty and convey awe. If that makes me uncultured and plebeian, well :-P.

For those in the Northeast, The Hudson River School Art Trail looks pretty amazing:

“The Hudson River School Art Trail takes you to the sites that inspired America’s first great landscape painters, enabling you to walk in the footsteps of Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Asher B. Durand, Jasper Cropsey, Sanford Gifford and other pioneering American artists, and to see the landscapes that launched the Hudson River School of art.”

The site says it has a Wyoming section coming soon — but soon was fall of 2012, so it may be a defunct now. Bummer.

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Since right now we’re studying the American West in history, we’ll also look at Albert Bierstadt’s work. And I’m just going to look because I really have no words to describe the magnificence.  Happy Friday!

Click to see a much larger, glorious image.
Click to see a much larger, more glorious image.


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  1. […] The school of painters, not the geographic location, although the location certainly did inspire, didn’t it? No matter who we study — what artist, time period, or style — my heart keeps returning to these painters who so wonderfully captured the beauty of creation. […]

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