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Fine Arts Friday: A New Favorite

Isle of Skye
“Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye Oil on canvas” Sidney Richard Percy , 1874

This month’s folk song on the Ambleside Online rotation is “The Skye Boat Song.” It is a huge hit in our family, especially with my youngest, who asks me to sing it every night.

This song has apparently gained new popularity because it’s the theme of a British historical/sci-fi show called Outlander. It’s historical because it’s set in 18th century Scotland, and it’s sci-fi because a young nurse got herself time-traveled there from 1943. I haven’t seen it because, frankly, the premise makes me woozy. But it’s a great song! (The show is based on a book series.)
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The hymn is “Let Us With A Gladsome Mind,” which John Milton wrote at 15. Can you imagine your 15 year-old scribblings lasting for 400 years? (Lyrics at that link. I couldn’t find a version that had lyrics with the music that I liked.)

Happy Friday! Enjoy the music.

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