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Find your happy place

It’s an epidemic of whining, crying, complaining, and flat-out disobedience. Plus stuff. So much stuff.  And none of it’s flammable, so burning it with fire is not an option.

Lalalalala! I can’t hear you! I may be here in body, but my mind is far away. . .

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I’m about to hide in a good book. My favorite escape is Tolkien. How do you escape without, ya know, actually running away?

3 responses to “Find your happy place”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    Used to hide in books, but do you know how many protagonists are deceived as part of the plot?!?! So as I have been recovering from the extreme deception I was under, I literally could not read a book for an entire year. The second year I could read books I had read before and were formulaic and safe. Graduated to new books but still no giant plot twists last year and now I can read most books but have to take breathers. Coming from someone who ate 5-8 books a week, big change!! Hard change. So to run away I now watch TV series in binges while crocheting.

    1. April Avatar

      I hadn’t thought of that, Cindy, but you’re right. Deception, betrayal, all those things that make for a great plot

      I read recently a post by The Bloggess where she talked about how she loved psychological terror, but drama stressed her out because it’s too real.

      I’m glad you’ve found a different escape, though. Everyone needs one (or several.)

  2. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    Most of the books I read now quickly are high adventure with low psychological twists. And yes, everyone needs a place. Another survivor took up knife throwing.

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