Tuesday, I met with the nutritionist as a first step to going gluten and casein free (GFCF). This has been a long time coming and frankly, probably should have been one of the first moves we made when we started the sensory processing disorder journey a year and a half ago. But we didn’t. Moving on.

So the nutritionist gave me lots of great ideas, tips,etc. about going GFCF as well as severely limiting his sugar intake. Lots of great ideas. Good stuff.

And lots of opinions. Which in the intensity of writing notes, asking questions, and telling my kid to STOP BOUNCING THAT BALL (we were in the waiting room at the occupational therapist), kinda got mixed in with the information for the Bulldozer’s specific issues.

Which comes with the territory of studying and immersing yourself in any field/lifestyle/idea. For example, the workbox idea. Great stuff. Google “workbox” and “homeschool” and you’ll find tons of ideas from homeschoolers who have made it work for them. I bought the book and, um, helpful, yes. But she’s a bit of a Workbox Nazi. “You must follow the system exactly like I have laid it out in 18 easy and nit-picky chapters.” Just a bit . . There may be a benefit among cialis india price long-term users have been inconclusive and do not suggest a high risk. generic cialis sample Finally, EMDR helps you apply the information needed to enhance healthier adaptive behaviors when you encounter problems throughout life. They can guide you in being more positive in life, relieving you from all sorts of anxieties with ease. cheapest viagra canada Individuals with a cheap cialis soft borderline personality disorder have significant issues with attachment. . intense in her devotion to her invention.

Same thing with the nutritionist: some facts, some opinions, some opinions based on facts, some opinions based on opinions. (For example, while mass producers of food–other than the holy organic industry–may not be primarily concerned with my health, I do not think they are greedy purveyors of pre-packaged wickedness sitting on piles of gold whilst their poisonous “food” rots my innards.)

So I’m filtering. And I’m doing some research and trying to adapt this to us. I’m trying to figure out just why canola oil is considered the devil. I’m not one who sees “genetically engineered” and screams “HORRORS!” We’ve been genetically engineering every since we started picking the big heads of wheat and planting them where we wanted them grow. But I don’t exactly believe in “better living through chemistry”, either. Call me skeptical of both sides. Trust no one! Anyway, Canola is a product of Canada, so that’s one strike against it. (KIDDING! I love Canada. I spent my honeymoon there. Really, nothing but love.)

Anyway, the thing about filtering is that you have to gather a bunch of information to squish through the filter and see what good stuff is left. Sort of like making sausage in reverse. Sounds fun, huh?

2 responses to “Filtering”

  1. Hartley Avatar


    I just came across your blog and thought I would leave comment.

    My oldest has SPD and we went through the GFCF thing with mixed results. LOL

    If you want any tips (I am no expert!), feel free to ask!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Hartley. I'm not expecting miracles on the SPD front (well, maybe I am, a little), but I'm hoping for some good things for my little guys messed up digestive system.

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