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Facing the horror

For years, from college through my early married life, I was deeply involved in the pro-life movement. I lead my college and state pro-life groups. I interned and then worked for National Right to Life. Even after I had my first two children, I continued to write and work on special projects.

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And then I got busy educating my kids and having more babies and just living life. I just didn’t have the time to active, or so I told myself. But this is the truth: Abortion is horrific. The fact that over 50 million children have been killed in the past 38 years, in this country alone, is heartbreaking. When you become familiar with the wonders of fetal development and the reality of what abortion does to those little lives, it is hard to bear. Then I had my own precious children. I felt them move within me, and hoped and planned and dreamed for them and about them. Then I treasured the unspeakable joy of holding them close. After all that, the reality of abortion just became almost unbearable.
But that’s cowardice, pure and simple. Millions upon millions of babies are being killed gruesomely. I don’t have the right to stay silent. We don’t talk about it for fear of offending, because it’s distasteful or heartbreaking, or we don’t want to “pass judgment.” So we stay silent and the the number of dead babies continues to climb. We don’t have the right.
Recently, a Philadelphia abortionist was arrested for the deaths of one mother (in a botched abortion) and seven babies. (Although there were many, many times seven children killed.) The details are some of the most disgusting, evil acts imaginable. The babies were delivered alive and then slaughtered with scissors. Michele Malkin has an excellent write-up, including the Grand Jury Report. Steve Ertelt, the pro-life newsource has a story at LifeNews.com. And there’s this snippet from the Grand Jury report. Caution: You can’t unknow it. It is evil. But nevertheless, I encourage you to read it.
The anger and disgust are profound. I can’t recall the last time an abortion case caused this great of an outcry. And it is disgusting and disturbing. I wish more people were yelling, crying, and doing whatever it takes to make sure it never happens again. But frankly, once you say “It’s okay to kill babies” all the future horrific details are just that: details.
Does it matter if children are killed in filthy conditions by heartless mercenaries, or if their mothers are led down sterile hallways in tastefully appointed centers by soft spoken philanthropist? Either way, the baby is dead. We are heartbroken and angered by the first, and only mildly offended by the second.
C.S. Lewis wrote, “The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint but is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clear, carpeted, warmed, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.”
While evil has always existed, and infanticide and abortion are prehistoric crimes, it is the dignified Justices, the well-heeled politicians, and the glib pundits who have made it a “right” in our culture. It is far less easy to be outraged by the passage of a law than by the horrors that came out of Philadelphia. It’s easier to be outraged for a week than to engage in politics or volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.
This is my concern: after this, then what? We are offended and outraged and indignant for a while. Then this abortionist goes to jail and his clinic is closed down. So we move on. And the number of babies being killed continues to climb. Do those children not deserve the same compassion and attention as the babies killed by Kermit Gosnell? Or are their deaths not sensational enough? What will we do, what will I do, next?

3 responses to “Facing the horror”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    I agree wholeheartedly, except for this:

    "…it is the dignified Justices, the well-heeled politicians, and the glib pundits who have made it a “right” in our culture."

    It was not the Justices or pundits who did this, it was women who wanted to have sex without consequences. It was women who wanted to have sex and then walk away as men have been able to do since the beginning of time. They wanted the 'equal right' to be irresponsible. The voting public, willing to elect pro-abortion candidates year after year are the ones who did this. As a former counselor in a Crisis Pregnancy Center I know that many stories of unplanned pregnancy and abortion have twists and turns and are painful; the decisions are not easy and I don't mean to say that they are. But the politicians didn't do this, we did.

    (Hope a slight difference of perspective is okay here. If not, feel free to delete!) 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    I'm all for different perspectives & respectful disagreements. For example, I'll disagree! 😉

    Abortion & infanticide are not NEW problems. But it was the politicians, the "advocates" and specifically the Supreme Court Justices who gave it the stamp of approval in legalization. And of course, in our form of government "We the people" mean that yes, we did it. But it was a political act and we can't walk away from that reality.

    The battle is at LEAST as much a political battle as any other.

    As for it being women who wanted sex w/out consequences, well, both sexes had something to "gain" in abortion. And both have paid a terrible price. That old feminist saying, "Man's inhumanity to woman makes countless infants die" has much truth. The most obvious and outspoken tool for legalized abortion may have been feminist groups, but they were hardly the only advocates.

  3. Man of the West Avatar
    Man of the West


    I have to agree that this is not merely an issue of people taking responsibility for the results of their sexual activity. This is also a Constitutional issue. In discerning a "right to privacy" in the "emanations and penumbras" of the Constitution, the Supreme Court usurped the states' authority to make decisions on the subject of abortion. It was an unconscionable power grab with horrific consequences.

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