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Doing that screen thing

Screen Free week

It’s International Screen Free Week, where people around the world are shutting down their screens–television, smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. etc. etc for the week. I had a taste of that last week when we went camping last week. It was delightful, and it got me thinking I need to curb my screen consumerism. Screen free week coming along seems positively providential. Why not join in! I’m a joiner! (Not really, joining often requires name badges and meetings. Ugh.)

Anyway, I’m going screen free — or as much as possible while still blogging and educating my people. I’ve deleted social media apps off my phone and kindle to reduce the temptation to mindlessly scroll.  I’ll post my blog to twitter and facebook, but that’s all I’ll do there for the week.

I haven’t decided what to do about non-urgent emails. I tend to read my news (on a screen) rather than listen or watch. I subscribe to a couple of news digests, and I haven’t decided if I’ll read those or not. It might be nice to ignorant for a week.

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I’m not a huge fan of spoken word things, but I thought this was nicely done. Warning parents: the (highly unnecessary) phrase “rich greedy bastards” is toward the beginning.

I’d ask if you are doing screen free week, but then you wouldn’t be here to tell me. Would you? So why aren’t you doing screen free week?

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