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Does this little girl make housecalls?

I know I’ve posted this before, but seriously, this is a message my kids need to hear.


With four kids in different grades, I like to combine lessons when I can to keep me sane-ish. Even when they aren’t combined, they are generally doing the same thing in a subject like math. For example, we use Math-U-See, so Mondays are worksheet A with mom, B on your own. But after that, they can skip to D if they have the concept or do C for more practice. Bulldozer did C yesterday while Satchmo did E. Today we have teary, “But he’s ahead of me!”, even though they’re not even in the same book or on the same lesson number.

Then Satchmo got upset that Bulldozer was ahead of him in handwriting, and Bulldozer got upset that Satchmo wanted to catch up. And I got upset that the coffee pot was empty.

I think a lot of this stems from the human tendency to be competitive, and I understand it. Sometimes I even use it to my advantage. (Mwahahaha!) Sometimes it comes from jealousy or envy or pride. It’s about measuring themselves against each other rather than measuring their own efforts and growth. Far too frequently, they spend more time obsessing over what their brother has or hasn’t done than doing their own work.

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“We spend so much time teaching our kids academics. We fight over homework and get stressed over bad grades. School is important. It is. But it’s not the most important thing. I know a lot of very bright people with good jobs, but their relationships with their spouse or kids isn’t healthy…and they are absolutely miserable.

Are you slowing down life enough to teach and show your kids how to have healthy relationships? Relationships characterized by respect, healthy boundaries, emotional vulnerability, honesty and trust.

Your kids can google the periodic table. But they can’t use technology to handle conflict, show empathy or demonstrate self-respect. They can’t memorize how to solve problems creatively or work through messy situations with wisdom. Realign your priorities to focus on what’s most important.”

It’s a good reminder and a challenge to me to remember I’m not educating my kids so they’ll pass a test, but so they’ll be strong, loving men and women who live their lives boldly for the glory of God.

But seriously, they need to worry about themselves.

How do you deal with inappropriate competitiveness between your kids? Is duct tape a viable solution?


One response to “Does this little girl make housecalls?”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    The twins drove me CRAZY with where one was and the other was. Ended up doing them separately just to save my sanity. Was really bad when Ian could read and Duncan was taking 3 years to just learn the alphabet. Then same thing, reversed, Duncan speeding ahead with reading and writing and Ian having dyslexic issues with spelling and slow reading( auditory learner).

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