Digging through the blog attic

I was looking for an old post on my favorite apostle Thomas. I know it was there at one time. I’m pretty sure it made the jump from my old Blogspot site, but the first few months didn’t cross over and it may have been there. It’s too late to look now because that site’s gone. I’m really bummed. I liked that post.

Anyway, I was digging in the blog attic and found some fun posts.  For example, today is the 7th anniversary of the day we left Virginia. Ah, cross country road trip with four kids — one two months old — and two cats.  Good times.

I’m sure you’ve seen the quizzes going around from Buzzfeed, the most derivative site on the internet. (And that’s saying something.) I took a couple. Apparently I belong in Romania and, confirming a quiz I took years ago, I “am” Zoe Washburne.  Quizzes were all the rage a few years ago, and I took several.  I’m Macbeth, a colon (the punctuation mark, not the organ), Zoe Washburne, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Fascinating.
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Something else I found amongst the flotsam and jetsam.  Enjoy!


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