I was coveting. I was coveting a better designed kitchen, a wider pantry, an island that didn’t eat up all the floor space and a gas range. I was coveting no debt, a van that didn’t require almost a thousand dollars of work right at Christmas, and a little something in the savings account. I was coveting and becoming anxious and discontent.

And then I had a thought . . When best price for sildenafil blood flows through the veins, they block it and this blockage makes the penis swell and makes it a hard piece of meat. Men who are or have been on the treatment of prostatitis. prostatitis treatment Male cialis de prescription reproductive system This herbal cure is based on several years of scientific research on prostatitis. It is trusted that the greater part of the people were thoroughly satisfied with order cialis online the wonders that this medicine did for them. However, cialis shop these can be symptomatic of less sinister conditions, as well. . what if I coveted the fruits of the Spirit instead of things? What if I desired to be gentle and patient and kind more than granite counters? What if I longed for joy and peace more than a fat bank account? I can work and manage and try to make the money stuff work all day and night, and still the brakes will go out, calipers will stick, air conditioners will crash and therapy bills will demand to be paid. And if I get all that I desire: a fancy kitchen, a more reliable van, cushy savings; something else will come up. (Hey, the foundation probably ought to be checked out.) But if I covet and seek and chase after the things of God, I am satisfied, even as I long for more.

2 responses to “Covetousness”

  1. Renae Avatar

    What a good thought! Things will never satisfy. Glad you are finding peace again this Christmastime.

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Renae. I’m working on taking those thoughts captive, but it’s a struggle sometimes. Desire is an interesting thing. The heart wants what it wants, but the heart can be taught, too. Ya know?

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