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Cleansing Breathes

Washington seems to have a case of megalomania, they’re as crazy as Pinky, let’s just hope their as successful as The Brain.

Anyway, take over the world, whatever. Damage handcraft industry and thrift stores, fftth. Cause beautiful children’s books to be destroyed, meh. Trample the First Amendment, blah. Ration health care, sigh. (But also, didn’t central planning already fail spectacularly? Do we have to do it again? Really? Sigh.)

I’ve called and written more politicians in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years. I would like to thump some of them in the head. And the rest, I would kick in the shin.

Ya know, my husband was out of town for three days, and I’m tired. We are dealing with some very frustrating and ongoing misbehavior with our girls, and I’m tired. My two year old has not slept through the night since before Christmas, and I’m tired. Driving all over Texas every day of the week is getting on my nerves, and I’m tired.
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I am tired.

So. . . look! Cool video, lovely music. Thanks, Dan!

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