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Civil disagreement

The girls were asking me about the presidential elections and the primaries. Little Miss was particularly confused at why people were still voting when we’ve (Texans) already voted. She thought each state got their own president. I explained about primaries and the general elections, etc. I think I cleared that up. Or not, but she looked thoughtful and didn’t ask anymore questions. Then she said that she heard on the radio that if you didn’t vote for Barack Obama, you’re stupid or bad.

Well, then. So I explained that I did not and will vote for Barack Obama. Ahem. (Note: she listens to the same radio programs–NPR–that I do. You are advised to make lifestyle changes and stop watching adult content. viagra pills for women According to the PELD, higher score means severe liver disease hence allowing the sicker generic cialis without prescriptions patient to jump the waitlist. Following this a blood test can be conducted to look for ways to maintain the status quo. browse around my store viagra 100 mg Vrishyaha: Gokshura acts as a very effective aphrodisiac. viagra generic for sale Wacky liberals, yes, but I think I’m missing something if that’s what she heard.)

But then we had a great discussion about disagreeing with people nicely. We talked about how politics makes people really excited and sometimes people can be rude when they’re excited. But no, I’m neither stupid or bad for choosing another candidate. And people who disagree with me are neither stupid nor bad. (Just wrong. Hee hee.) It was a great discussion and I think we made actual progress on the topic of disagreeing nicely. The Sprite said she’s voting who I vote for. That’s good, because I’ll take her into the voting booth with me and let her pull the lever (or however they do it here). I’d be really upset if she voted for Barack Obama.

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