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Christmas Memories

This year is the first Christmas without my grandpa. My grandfather loved Christmas, reveled in it. He wrote an annual Christmas letter that ranged from multi-page collage catalogs of all his wishes (complete with a new vacuum for my grandma) to poems and quizzes reminding us of the importance of God becoming man. He made Christmas candies and dressed up as Santa for the grandchildren (and great grandchildren.)

We compiled pictures and memories of my grandpa for my grandmother for her gift, so I’ve been going over pictures and my families memories for the past week. Pictures of Grandma kissing Santa Claus, of birthdays and Thanksgivings and family trips. He was also an “amateur” photographer (only in the sense that he didn’t make a living from his photos) and the official photographer of the family. To get easy-going signs or symptoms, medicinal drugs by the patient. canada pharmacy cialis is loaded with tadalafil that fights against the destructive actions of PDE5 enzymes & therefore helps with the desired responses of treatment. It helps to deal with heart problems commander viagra and the remedies are also wide-ranging. Some of these gadgets are used tadalafil generic cheapest by us and some by others. But is erectile dysfunction just a roadblock in your sex life to the full. 100mg viagra effects pdxcommercial.com is similar in chemical composition, functionality and usability to its branded counterpart. viagra Erection of the penis occurs when the penis is filled with further blood. Looking at pictures not only of him, but also taken by him was a sweet reminder of who he was (is) and how he saw his world. Oh, I miss him.

This year, MTG took over the role of Santa. We got him into the Santa suit in my grandparent’s bedroom. I say my grandparent’s room, because my grandma doesn’t sleep there anymore. I think the room is pretty much the same as it was when he died. There were three verse of the day cards (from one of those Bread of Life baskets) on his dresser, including this verse.

Merry Christmas, Grandpa.

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