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Cheating, musically

I’ve got nothing in my blog brain, but I am determined to do this “every day in March” blog thing. So I give you the one and only, Phil Keaggy.

The incredible “Shades of Green,” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (Yeah, early. Whatever. Watch and be impressed.)

The quintessential concert piece, “True Believers.” It’s wonderful and sad because you know when he plays it, the show is over.

And finally, “Sunday’s Child” from the album of the same name, and the first Phil Keaggy album I owned. I have a few (dozen) more now.

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Three observations:

  1. Phil Keaggy is very small. I think I could put him in my pocket.
  2. He kinda looks like a muppet.
  3. When he and Randy Stonehill are playing, the Jesus-freak vibe really comes out. It’s adorkable.

And of course, Phil Keaggy is very possibly the greatest living musician. He does it all with only nine fingers. Wow.

10 for 10! Go me!!

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