Changes around the blog

It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.  ~W. Edwards Deming 

I have been a sporadic blogger for about six years now. Not coincidentally, my youngest child is also 6, which accounts for the sporadic.  I am a wife and mother before I’m a blogger. And not just a mother, but a homeschool mother. My time is limited and sometimes my thoughts are… scattered.


fb profile 2
A word cloud of my blog. See? Scattered.


Nonetheless, I like to blog, and like most writers, I like to be read. I want to be able to devote more time and energy to my blog.  Sometimes you have to stop wanting and just do it.  To that end, I’m making some changes to increase my productivity and expand my reach.
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I’ve been following the interesting health experiment/book project of Charlie Martin that he’s calling “13 weeks.” One of the tools he uses is the “Seinfeld calendar.” It’s a simple concept of keeping a calendar with “X” marked on each day you complete the task, be it writing, working out, gardening, or whatever. There are even apps for your phone if you don’t want to use an old fashioned calendar. So using the Seinfeld-calendar method, it’s my goal to post something every day. Some days that will look like this. It still counts. So far, I’ve got a chain of 7 days, this post will make 8.

I’ve also set up a Facebook fan page for the blog. So if you are a Facebook type, you can go like my page. That seems to be where I get the most traction, plus it’s the easiest format to share with people and make an impact. I like Twitter a lot, but that seems to be more about interacting and fast breaking news than the sort of thing I do. (What are we calling what I do? Do we have a name for it yet? Somebody check the DSM-IV.)

I’m also in the process of is monetizing my blog. Why? Well, for one I’ll feel less guilty about spending time on the blog if it at least buys us a couple of books and a printer cartridge or two.  There’s also the psychological difference between offering a free product and something you’re charging for, even by way of ads. There’s a motivation to “earn your keep.” This is also why my children should start paying me, the little Scrooges.  I’ve set up an Amazon affiliate account. See the cute little search widget in the sidebar? If you search through my blog, I’ll get a small percentage of your sale at no cost to you. You will also see ads in the future when I get around to that.  Baby steps.

And mark another X on the calendar!

12 responses to “Changes around the blog”

  1. Dana Avatar

    For monetizing, that is.

    1. April Avatar

      That would work, because I am a her! Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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