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    Hey, look! A blog!

    Wow, have I not been here. Where have I been? I’ve been unwell, pulled back, sinus ickiness, and a pulled muscle on top of my foot. Weird, what? (Um, yeah, I’ve been reading Dorothy Sayers lately. I’ve gotten Wimsey in my speech.) I also went to a Scholastic Warehouse clearance sale with my lame foot–probably […]

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    Oh, Joe!

    He’s precious, he really is, that Joe Biden. And he’s very helpful, bless his heart. He has conveniently given conservatives a nice opening for reducing at least some of the cost Vastishodhana :- It cleanses the bladder (Basti) cheap tadalafil and boosts the resistance of bladder to infection. Another tadalafil 20mg india great advantage of […]

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