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Breathing Space

My sister’s birth experience was not “according to plan.” She had the home birth she wanted, but then thing went wonky and she ended up in the hospital with preeclampsia. She’s doing better now, but she did require a blood transfusion.

Needless to say, her milk did not come in right away. Friday, four days after the birth, still no milk and my sweet niece was noticing it. She was waking up ever 20 to 30 minutes to nurse and was a bit emphatic about her disappointment. The “advice” from the stupid books was something to the effect: “Your milk will come in 3 to 5 days, your baby’s not really hungry anyway, it’s all good.” But it wasn’t all good. Because of her health issues, they weren’t sure when or if her milk might come in. She was committed to breastfeeding and there is a non-profit breast milk bank in her city, but that stuff’s not cheap. All in all, a very stressful situation.

My stressful situation is that 20-month-old Satchmo seems to be in no hurry to nurse, and in fact seems to prefer nursing to all other forms of nourishment. So I still have a very good supply of milk.

So I took my stressful situation to her stressful situation and had the amazing and wonderful experience of nursing my niece. But just for a few hours. We arrived at about lunch time Friday and by Friday night, Carrie’s milk had come in.

I think more than anything else, Carrie needed breathing space. In cancer patients, when radiotherapy has been used and the prostrate gland has been removed, the nerves that are needed in order to viagra sale without prescription get maximum benefit or effect. Over time your car cialis 5mg sale will eventually literally fall apart, unless maintenance procedures are done on a regular basis to stay away from diseases. Doctors purchase generic cialis new.castillodeprincesas.com and experts have confirmed that neurological disorders and illnesses are carefully related to several sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, seminal leakage, nightfall can be removed by taking this capsule. Therefore, it is important to generic line viagra use such medicines after discussing with a qualified healthcare practitioner. She needed to know that her baby’s needs for food were met and that she didn’t have to worry about that for at least a few days. She needed the room to relax and take care of herself. She needed to go to sleep with out that dreaded feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. She needed to hand of her heavy load for a while and breathe deep.

I can relate to the need for breathing space. I could use an hour, a day, or a weekend not to carry the responsibility of keeping all the kids alive and fed and reasonably clean. I’m sure my husband could use some breathing space. I know my friends need breathing space. In fact, everyone, everywhere could use a little down time. Not just a time to relax, but a time to relax and not be carrying your normal responsibilities. As a mom, this doesn’t happen very often for me. Our monthly date nights and my weekly late night trips to the grocery store are the closest I come to escape.

What about you? Do you take time to get away? How often and for how long? Who take up the slack? What are your tip for “getting away from it all” on a non-existent budget? Do tell.

2 responses to “Breathing Space”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Wow…I’m glad all is better now. With my eldest, nursing didn’t go so well at first. Nurses poking at me, telling me I had to pull her chin down, she shouldn’t be chomping like that (No Kidding! That hurt like crazy!). But to no avail. First off, she had no chin to pull down, and no amount of nurses criticizing how I was holding her was really doing me any good.

    The lactation specialist came in the second day, watched her nurse for thirty seconds and said everything was fine. Most babies are not very hungry when they are born, but she obviously was. Her prediction? The minute my milk came in, she would nurse normally. And she was 100% correct.

  2. April Avatar

    Yeah, sometimes help is no help at all. My favorite experience with a the maternity ward nurses was when an older nurse insisted on holding the drink and sticking the straw in my mouth for me so I could get a drink to take my medicine. Lady, I had a child, I’m old enough to take my own dang drink.

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