Better living through technology

I have never once succeeded in reading the bible in a year. In the past, the pattern has been: start with great enthusiasm, get distracted, discouraged or sidetracked somewhere in Numbers or Deuteronomy (didn’t I read this already?) and give up by mid-February, March if I’m particularly motivated.

The last time I took up a “through the Bible goal” I realized that the year deadline was a hindrance, not a help. The distractions of little kids make it necessary to get creative and remain flexible with devotions (and everything else, for that matter.) I enjoy Tabletalk, because I can make it through the passage and devotion in one sitting, most days. Even if I have to hide in the bathroom to do it. So decided not to set a deadline. It took 3 1/2 years with many starts and stops, but I did it.

Having said that, I would like to go through the bible in a year. There is something innate in me that likes the rhythms and traditions of doing things by the calendar. When I got my nifty new toy, I thought I could find a daily podcast to help me out. I really like the ESV, but all my brief search unearthed was a now defunct Max McLean podcast.

So imagine my joy when I found this on Justin Taylor’s blog. I picked the Literary Study Bible plan, since I got that version for Christmas last year. With the help of technology and Almighty God

–strike that, reverse it – I shall endeavor to go through the bible in a year.

The plan:

  • Listen while doing all those things that I can do mindlessly: laundry, dishes, sweeping, laundry, cleaning cat boxes, laundry. Also, laundry.
  • Read the same passages during my daily devotions or whenever I can find a few minutes for myself.. But I won’t worry about keeping up.

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Also from Between Two Worlds, a link to Princeton Theological Seminary’s reading through John Calvin’s Institutes of The Christian Religion. Man, I’m digging this toy.

2 responses to “Better living through technology”

  1. Henry Cate Avatar
    Henry Cate

    Best wishes on reading the Bible this year.

    We’ve read the New Testament twice as a family. I think we started the Old Testament somewhere in 2006. We’ve gotten to Psalms. I think it will take another year to finish. We’ve found it very helpful to stop and ask the children questions. That way they don’t zone out.

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Henry. We’re doing the Big Book of Questions and Answers with our kids. But ours are considerably younger than (most) of yours.

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