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Bad blogger

Two weeks without blogging. Yikes. Very bad blogger. I will say that my life has been crazy hectic. MTG was traveling, we had a homemade summer camp, and, oh yes, the 3 therapy sessions at various locals around the state. But I repent of my bad blogging ways and shall attempt to blog every day this week. Attempt.

This past weekend, we went to a family reunion with my parents and my grandmother. People really ought to wear name-tags at these functions. It seems a little rude to approach a relative with, “Who are you and from whom do you come?” We had a nice time, even if I didn’t know most of the people there. We swam with the kids and played miniature golf and sang karaoke. Well, the girls sang karaoke. I watched with overwhelming pride.
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I’m not at all surprised that Little Miss sang. She’s a people person and love to be in the spotlight. I’m absolutely floored that the Sprite sang. While very courageous and willing to try almost anything, she is a little shy and a bit of a loner. But she does love to sing. The choices for appropriate songs were limited. (I thought if I heard “Jesus Take the Wheel” one more time I would have to yell, “Don’t do it, Jesus! Let her crash!”) Little Miss “Sang Jesus Loves Me” and the Sprite sang a very jazzy version “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” They were, of course, wonderful. Ya know, maybe it’s just because I have the best children on the planet, but being a mom is pretty cool.

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