An experiment

Wednesday, I wrote a post that consisted entirely or whining and complaining. No lesson learned, no “and the moral of the story is…” Just gripe, gripe, gripe.

It’s been shared over 50 times.

Really people?

I have a theory. In addition to whining (or whinging as the Canadians say), I posted this picture.


The theory is people were sharing the image and the context be damned. It’s the Buzzfeedification of my blog.

The experiment: this post will consist of nothing but cute animal picture memes, excluding the previous explanation. Then I’ll see how much it gets shared. I’m fairly certain the results will drive me to despair.
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Without further ado, cute animals! (What? Sharks are cute! Ask Sprite.)




dot cat


3 responses to “An experiment”

  1. marcia Avatar

    I had to share your turtle pic with Allison…she is my favorite introvert. And now I must share your cat picture with her…she is also a grumpy cat. So whine, complain, or whatever you want. I like your blog. You is my kind a peeps.

    1. April Avatar

      Thanks, Marcia. There’s something irresistible about animal memes, I think.

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