Always looking out for the people

Did you hear what that menace Bjork did? She had a concert in China, and she . . .

shouted, “Tibet! Tibet!”

I mean, really! How dare she! According to the China’s Culture Ministry, Bjork “broke Chinese law and hurt Chinese people’s feelings.”
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Hurt their feelings! This woman:

Personally, I would be embarrassed to admit that a woman who can best be described as “kittenish” could hurt my feelings. Are you frightened of bunnies, too? It’s good to know that the People’s Republic of China is so concerned about feelings. As opposed to actual lives and liberty.

2 responses to “Always looking out for the people”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    I too love this story. Why won’t everyone just stop bringing up all that horrible record of human rights abuses and focus on their lead based toys?

    FYI: Bjork was a headliner one year at the Free Tibet Concert. Someone didn’t do their research. I bet that hurt too:)

  2. April Avatar

    Ooh, I hate to think of the punishment that somebody got for that. The Olympics are going to be interesting.

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