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A review and a contest! Or vice-versa.

Home schooler are suppose to study Latin. It’s in the charter. Moms must wear denim jumpers, and the children are suppose to study Latin. There’s an optional woodworking clause, but Latin is a must.  Since I don’t even own a denim jumper (gasp!), the kids had better study Latin or we’re kicked out of the club.

Like every other subject under the sun, there are a myriad of options to choose from. I chose one, a solid program, well reviewed, etc. I previewed the materials at a homeschool convention and we plunged in. Or rather, my eldest tepidly dipped a toe in and my younger had to be dragged kicking and screaming. Okay, maybe I started the younger too early.  So we’ll hold off for her and let the eldest continue.  The results: meh.  I start the younger girl up again, and she’s still reluctant.

But it’s in the charter. We must study Latin. (Actually, I do believe it’s important to study Latin and I wish I had studied Latin in school.  I shall study with them.) But I have to face fact, they just aren’t clicking with the chosen curriculum. It happens. And because it’s not something that I can devote a great deal of supervision to, they need to like the curriculum.  I also need to not spend a ton of money trying to find the right curriculum.

Fast forward to an email notification from  Home Educating Family Publishing (makers of the most beautiful, inspirational, functional homeschool planner on the planet) that they are having a contest for a new Latin program Visual Latin.

Eh, I’ll check it out.

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Another plus, it’s all downloadable, no DVDs to lose or scratch.  I can download them on my netbook that doesn’t have a DVD player and the girls can do them in the car, at therapy, in the car, at the other therapy. You get the picture.  The worksheets are also downloads, which I prefer.  We are constantly misplacing workbooks despite the fact that the children have shelves just for their school books. (I swear I’m going to have “If you’d put things where they belong, you wouldn’t lose them!” tattooed on my butt and moon my kids whenever they lose something.)

Oh, but the biggest plus? My girls love the guy. They watched the first 4 introductory videos one after the other and proceeded to explain to me all the whys and wherefores of studying Latin. They had to wait to do the first lesson until we got home. It was torture.

Each lesson is divided into three sections: grammar, sentences, and translation. Of course, these first lessons are mostly review for the girls, but they are engaging with the language in ways that they haven’t before. I like that they are reading short sentences in Latin immediately. It’s more than just vocabulary and memorization, it’s understanding a foreign language right off the bat. Both girls were excessively pleased with themselves for reading the simple story in the third section.

I hope we win the giveaway, but even if we don’t, I’ll definitely be purchasing the program.  Wish us luck. I really don’t want to have to get a denim jumper.

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