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I’m generally not a fan of “National X day” (except national donut/chocolate/or coffee day), but today is National Adoption Day, which is a fantastic use of an otherwise pointless habit. If you mark it in no other way, read this wonderful article by  Joleigh Little. Joleigh once wrangled my young and foolish self as an intern and now is wrangling (and being wrangled by) the amazing Clara.

A taste:

That doesn’t mean I love the poverty, the drug or alcohol abuse, the death or the other horrible circumstances that make adoption necessary. But I sure as holy horse radish love the solution! I love that there IS a solution and I love that it’s a good solution.

Read the whole thing.
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national adoption month

(True story, when I was a 19-year-old intern, I thought she was a much older and wiser woman. She’s maybe four years older than me. And I have stories that call into question the “wiser” adjective as well.)

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