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A non-negotiable

We are committed to homeschooling. It is our intent and desire to homeschool through high school. However, I recognize that life throws curve balls. Institutional school may become a necessity at some point down the line.

But this is my line in the sand: unless the Supreme Court walks back this obscene notion that children are stripped of their citizenship (and sometimes their clothing) at the school house door, my children will never attend public schools. While minor edema does not viagra online france damage penis, over-pumping can cause painful blisters, ruptured blood vessels, and allows more blood to flow to the penis, which results in an erection. Once the diagnosis process ends, the doctors discuss the situation with the patient and their family and friends. generic sildenafil uk So by choosing tadalafil samples over cialis you can save more money, and enjoy your sexual life to the fullest. First, you have a firewall that protects you from malware http://www.midwayfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Fire-Inspector-Job-Description.pdf generico levitra on line and hackers. I will sell a kidney, I will work the night shift at whatever company will have me, I will make whatever sacrifice necessary, but I will not send my kids to an institution that treats them like prisoners. They won’t be part of a system that engenders the mindset that would even conceive of strip searching a 13 year-old in order to find ibuprofen. You want to educate my child as a citizen of the United States, yet you have neither the common sense nor the decency to understand how very, very wrong–even in hindsight–this is? Yeah, not gonna happen.

Just so you know and for future reference.

And yes, I know this particular nonsense didn’t originate in my state, but with the increasing federalization of education, I’m not taking chances. There are also a myriad of educational reasons we consider public schools truly a measure of last resort. This thuggery, however, is a non-starter.

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    Max Weismann

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