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A little fun

I’ve watched this twice and I’ll probably watch it again.  I feel bad. Schadenfreude is wrong. *evil grin.*

My favorite part was when the nurse said, “In normal labor you’d be having another contraction right now.” Big burly man, “But I don’t want that!”
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For the record, I don’t think labor is the worst pain ever — or at least it wasn’t for me. I slammed my index finger in a car door on the last day of our honeymoon. That was the worst pain I’d experienced. But although it hurt like the dickens later, it was quick, whereas labor lasts. And lasts.

Anyway, so I  know what the ladies think of this, but I’m curious about the reaction from the guys. What are your thoughts, men?

One response to “A little fun”

  1. D. Blaine Vanderburg Avatar
    D. Blaine Vanderburg

    I love this, & would definitely try it. There’s also a very good video of two Dutch men trying this, as well.
    Pain is interesting. I have a cattle brand on my chest, & have had one of my hips dislocated so severely that my leg turned backward. (I thought it may be cool to go through life walking like a flamingo, but decided to have it fixed). One caveat I present to women regarding the worst pain ever, is that the female body is designed for those processes & the accompanying pain. Not so with 3rd degree burns, backward legs, & slammed fingers. Something to consider, I believe.

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