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A hurting world

The UN estimates that there are 200,000,000 missing girls in the world today. That number may actually be smaller than reality since China boasts of aborting 336,000,000 unborn children, a majority of those girls.  Add in unreported cases of female infanticide, as well as the statistics from India and other countries, 200 million might actually be small.

Too often the sheer numbers of tragedies like this make us forget the individual people those numbers represent. Each number represents a real girl who has been killed.
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We live in a fallen and hurting world. The fact that evil exists and that it targets particularly the most vulnerable is nothing new. But the knowledge of specific evils is new at one point in time to each of us. And now that I know, that I see this, the question is: What will I do now?  What will you do now?

Thinking of those overwhelming numbers may make us despair of making an impact, but maybe we can be the child who saves the starfish. Maybe we can each save the life of one girl.

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  1. Nick Brown Avatar
    Nick Brown

    Besides praying for an end, I’ve been posting very graphic pictures on both twitter and facebook using the hashtag #FetalHolocaust along with “Body Count: > 56,000,000 since Roe v Wade”. I may never be able to act directly but if one woman sees the pictures and changes her mind…

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