A frightening nobility

A paralyzed woman feels compelled to make that case that it is not selfish to want to live. If it is a good and selfless and noble thing to die rather than “be a burden,” then are those people who choose to live selfish and base? What is the line? Is dialysis okay, but help with bodily functions out? Who is bravely soldiering on and who is delusionally clinging to an empty life and when will the government step in to make this decision for us?

The already marginalized are becoming more so because they dare to require more health care resources. If (when) we institute nationalized health care in the U.S., we’ll see the same thing: a rapid expansion of assisted suicide, a public relation push to make suicide a good and noble thing and then a woman will be denied life-saving medical treatment, but offered assisted suicide.

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These are the values that brought us “bioethicist” tut-tutting the very existence of Trig Palin. First, we quantify the value of different lives, then we start crossing off those who fall too far down on the list. This is the “dignity” we’re heading toward.

ht: Wesley Smith

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