8 Reasons to homeschool

Dana posted “eight reasons why we homeschool” meme. Most fun. I particularly like

3. I always wanted to be able to put “right wing fundamentalist nutcase” on my resume. “Christian homeschooler” seems to be a close synonym.

Me, too!

Here are my 8 reasons

1. Kids have all the best books: The Wind in the Willows, Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, anything by Virginia Lee Burton, etc. Guess How Much I Love You gets me every time. Now I get to read them regularly without feeling silly. I still get weird looks reading them to myself at the playground while the kids play, but I just call it research.

2. We get to make chocolate chip cookies for math.

3. Not being particularly crafty, The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book is just my speed.

4. Physical Education? Calvinball.

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6. Science is waking up early to watch the lunar eclipse and going to I-Hop. It’s making a mess in the kitchen with a bunch of “that is so cool!” It’s taking things apart to figure them out and having fun trying to reassemble the pieces. It’s hands on, get dirty, ask questions fun.

7. Education in your pjs. Sleeping in or staying up late, whichever fits our schedule. Never missing the bus, never having “homework,” never worrying about what we’ll miss if we want to take a vacation in the middle of the week in October.

8. Seriously, 1-7 are (mostly) about me. This is why we homeschool: Because we want to educate our children to be adventurers, dreamers, healers, helpers, challengers, reformers, lovers of nature, beauty and justice and haters corruption, evil and greed; and in everything to glorify God. And we think home education is the best way to do this.

2 responses to “8 Reasons to homeschool”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Great list! I love them and would agree those are some definite perks of homeschooling.

    I like number one. ‘Cause children’s books are the best.

  2. Kathy, Jeff's wife Avatar
    Kathy, Jeff’s wife

    I am saving THIS blog to show my daughter who is a history buff! :o)


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    Thank you for taking part in my give away!

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