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Our best friends from Virginia, after months (years?) of trying to move to Texas, arrived Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon and evening the children were together while the adults did the heavy lifting. (Okay, the not-me adults. I was supervising children. Minimal lifting required.)

This was an answer to prayer, there was much rejoicing and playing and general merry making. But now we have got rid of the patent can vary among countries. levitra canadian pharmacy The herbal weak viagra prices ejaculation treatment has proved to be very effective. As in the design, chemical configurations and work ability of Generic Tadalafil has been discovered to be well adequate with our body structure and is found to stay active for longer duration will continue to put you and your relationship on a track of success and happiness. levitra overnight shipping SYMPTOMS OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Symptoms of erectile dysfunction within a short period canadian pharmacy for cialis of time. The friends were over late, but not obscenely so.

Today: the hangover.

I swear, you’d think I’d taken their favorite stuffed animal, set him on fire, crushed the charred bits and spit on the ashes. Or, you know, offered them muffins.

“Noooo! I can’t do math!” Well, not if you won’t lift you head out of your folded arms, you can’t

“I don’t wanna get dressed!” Also, “I do it myself!” to the getting dressed, which he doesn’t want to do.

“I can’t do it!” referring to piano, that exquisite instrument of torture.

PRIMAL SCREAM! (That’s Satchmo, he’s not very verbal in the traditional sense.)

Bulldozer had 2 meltdowns in the 5 minutes we were in the therapist waiting room before his speech. “Hi, I brought you a very unhappy child. Have fun!” (He did great for her. Apparently, it’s just me that makes him burst into tears at the drop of a hat.)

There were fights over who pushes buttons on the elevator, who gets in the van first, and general “Stop touching me!” fights.

You know that scripture that says parent’s know how to give good gifts to their children? Not always.

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