Working on the day of rest

I keep trying to pare down what I have to do on Sundays so that I can have an actual day of rest. I have most of a day of rest, but thus far, I haven’t figured out how to move the grocery shopping to a different day. The problem is my Saturdays are overloaded; otherwise, I could do it then. But if I shift stuff from Saturday to another day, that overloads the new day. It’s passing the buck, schedule style.

But I do need to figure this out because God knew whereof he spoke when he told us to have a day of rest. 

And because I need a day of rest, this is all you get for the blogging, because after I go to the store, I am taking a nap!

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Do you observe a day of rest? What would you need to do to make that happen in your life?


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  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    I do, my oldest does. Occasionally I have to work but I trust God with those days. ( with my profession only occasionally working on weekends rather than every other weekend is a gift). My “day of rest” has looked differently over the years. I was convicted about it maybe 7 years ago, so was still with my abusive ex. In the beginning of the conviction my “rest day” had church in the morning, come home and do school prep for the week make him dinner and take my youngest and oldest with me to Bible study. It had to be timed precisely to make it happen but I tried to not shop or add other things to it. DId not run kids around and I had Bible study which I desperately needed. ( and if I did not make dinner for him, could not go to Bible study which started at 5pm) Now it tends to be a true stop day with church and rest and low key stuff.

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