Woo-hoo! Books!

A couple of months ago, Desiring God had a blow-out, everything-for-$5-no-limits sale. It was so cool. With an amazing amount of self-control, I limited myself to 10 books ($5!! No limits!! It was not easy to stick to 10) and today they came! Oh, beautiful, wonderful books, just in time for our drive to Minnesota. (How fitting!) I’m in raptures, can you tell?

My newest additions to my library are:
From the mini-biography series “The Swans Are Not Silent:

  • The Legacy of Sovereign Joy
  • The Hidden Smile of God
  • The Roots of Endurance
  • Contending for Our All

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Taste and See, Savoring the Supremacy of God in All of Life
When I don’t Desire God, How to Fight for Joy
All of the above by John Piper
A God Entranced Vision of All Things, general editors John Piper and Justin Taylor
Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood, editor Wayne Grudem
Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper

What a feast for the mind and the soul.

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