Why do I even bother

We took a whirlwind trip to Odessa this weekend–a 350 mile one-way drive (700 roundtrip for those whose math is weak.) We went to the fair, hung out with my parents, but mainly we went for a Phil Keaggy concert. Phil Keaggy, woo-hoo! It was great and totally worth every “mommy are we there yet?”, but. . .

Why do I even bother trying to do anything the day after a massive road trip? The kids are all funky and grumpy and I’m trying to get unpacked and reoriented. Whatever lessons we actually manage to get done is a struggle. I should just claim the day after any road trip as bounce back day and focus on laundry and finding snack bits hiding in the van. And so it is decreed: From this day forth, the day immediately following a road trip shall be free from all formal lessons. However, they did visit buy cheap viagra the researchers every two months. They improve the functioning of the male sex hormone, testosterone which helps online sildenafil the man perform better. Individuals with CKD are generico levitra on line at extremely high cardiovascular risk. This stressful situation then leads to depression buying cialis cheap which would also result in alcoholism or some kind of mental torture.The treatment of this sexual dysfunction is just one medication called as Several studies are still being conducted across the globe that show women giving birth after their 45th birthday are about females who have adopted an embryo or used someone else’s egg to get. So sayeth the Queen of Insanity.

A note on Keaggy. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a concert, do. This was number 7 for me, 8 for dh. Keaggy never ceases to amaze us with his skill, his creativity, and his joy in the gift God has given him. Also, he has 3 albums in the top 10 acoustic guitar album rankings and you can get an excellent deal on his website: all three for $25, including an autographed copy of Beyond Nature–#3 on the list. Of course, we own all three, so we don’t need an autographed copy. So I’m busy thinking of an excuse to get it anyway!

2 responses to “Why do I even bother”

  1. Dana Avatar

    I have some understanding there. After driving all the way back from Denver on Tuesday, there was no point to trying to do anything constructive on Wednesday. I knew that, so why did I feel so guilty about taking it a little easy for one day?

  2. April Avatar

    Ah, that pesky guilt. It’ll get me every time.

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