Who’s that writing?

John the Revelator! It’s the Third Day of Christmas, home of three French Hens and Feast Day of John the Revelator. (Thanks for the heads up, Blaine!)

I tried to find the electric version, but there isn’t anything of good quality online. This is a taste, but obviously doesn’t do him justice. But if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend the Crimson and Blue album.

Even though it’s the Third Day of Christmas (that’s your gift up there), it’s also Tuesday, so I shall do traditional links. Even though it’s not Terrible. Just Tuesday.


I meant to post this before Christmas so you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on subpar toys. Oops! The 5 Best Toys of All Time.

Trees are smart! (Or at least their Designer is.) The Wisdom of Trees

Why am I not surprised that the Vikings are back?

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Also from Jimmie over at Ending Spending: Bigger government = smaller economy.


There’s a fine line between genius and madness (and I use that line like a jump rope.)

The year in Lego.

Which reminds me, Generation X invites you to get off its lawn. (Language warning, but I heartily concur.)

14 Punctuation signs you never knew existed. (Or maybe you did. Smarty pantsIrony mark full.svg)

And finally, in my epic family picture calendar project, I came across this picture of Bulldozer with his best friend. Prepare to have your heart melted a smidge.

4 responses to “Who’s that writing?”

  1. Krista Vanderburg Avatar
    Krista Vanderburg

    White Stripes, baybee!!!! “Cannon” aka “John the Revelator.”


  2. Krista Vanderburg Avatar
    Krista Vanderburg

    Then of course, there’s the original, a piece of Holy Ghost glory. Amen.


  3. April Avatar

    Thanks for the links, Krista. That 2nd one is awesome! That first one is… special 😉

    1. Krista Vanderburg Avatar
      Krista Vanderburg

      Not a WS fan, I take it? 😉 That song gives me chills, but you gotta turn it up real loud.

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