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Where did I hear that? It’s driving me crazy!

I read this post from Ann Althouse where she analyzes Laurence Tribes statement, “Neither Steve Breyer nor Ruth Ginsberg has much of a purchase on Tony Kennedy’s mind.”

Althouse mainly focuses on the use of the word “purchase.”

Now, where had I heard that word used in the same manner?  It bugged me all day.  But finally, it According to viagra sans prescription a recent study, erectile dysfunction has a huge impact on your sex life, it could be an indication that the problem is stress or psychological issues that are causing the erectile dysfunction. Disease may come in any time any moment online cialis http://pamelaannschoolofdance.com/priya-patel/ of one’s life. Know more about the functionality, cialis tablets india usability and side effects of the drug are credible after repeatedly the long-term confirmation. This particular issue has viagra sample free been a problem in men around the world. came to me:

“Her womb was a barren desert in which my seed could find no purchase.” Raising Arizona

Well that puts an unwelcome Kennedy/Breyer/Ginsberg mental image in my head.

Brain cleanser:

Update: An Althouse link and headline? Awesome.

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