What is this stuff?

We’ve been trying to reduce our consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), with all it’s yummy badness. It’s pretty hard to avoid HFCS, it’s a cheaper, sweeter alternative to sugar. Yet, the infamous they say it’s bad for us.

As I’m looking at labels and I keep coming across “high maltose corn syrup.” I have no idea what this stuff is. Anyone? Anyone? No?

A google search is not a font of information. The Wikipedia entry on maltose is interesting, and we learn it’s important in brewing. That’s good to know. I also found this (enlightening?) description–

High Maltose Corn Syrup (maltodextrin): High maltose corn syrup is produced through the same method as regular corn syrup (see “corn syrup”), except that the starch conversion process (where corn starch is converted to corn syrup) is carried out for only a short period of time. Restoring friendly intestinal flora is a time-consuming process that includes a healthy discount levitra diet, colon hydrotherapy, drinking healing mineral water get ready from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt had manufactured there by vaporizing the spring water 250 years ago. The difference lies in that they may stimulate other enzymes differently from each other. canada cialis online The drugs like cheap cialis generic for treating ED problem has got the slighter probabilities of producing any kind of unpleasant health related trouble. This unquenchable thirst attempts to replenish the canadian pharmacy sildenafil fluid to get lost while urinating. This yields a corn syrup product that is high is maltose (a disaccharide), and low in monosaccharides like dextrose. Because this substance is lower in dextrose, high maltose corn syrup does not taste as sweet compared to other forms of corn syrup.

So, I know nothing useful. Remember in the 80’s, trans fats were the healthier alternative to saturated fats.? And now they are evil and must be stamped out by the brave and courageous food police. So HFCS is bad. Who knows what they’ll say about HMCS in a year, or even next week. Does anybody know anything about this stuff? I’m I jumping out of the high fructose frying pan into the high maltose fire?

3 responses to “What is this stuff?”

  1. Dana Avatar

    I have three basic rules in healthy eating:

    1) The more processed the worse it is for you.

    2) If you cannot pronounce it, it probably isn’t good for you.

    3) Real food is better than processed oils made to taste like food.

    We purchased a side of beef from the butcher and discovered something. 1) We were slightly disappointed because it just didn’t taste as good as the processed stuff at the store. But I wasn’t ready to rule out my cooking.

    2) After eating a steak or a hamburger or whatever, we were not only fully, but satisfied.

    Processed foods have so many chemicals in them to make you think it is food that even when you are full, you have a desire to eat. Real food does not do that to you, making it easier not to overeat.

    No more lists this comment. : )

  2. April Avatar

    yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I’m working toward reducing (if not eliminating) processed foods that we eat at home. Dining out is another matter, but we’re trying to cut back on that too. Right now, the big offender is on-the-go snack foods, like the granola bar with the Maltose. Fortunately, there are more and more choices for real foods becoming available.

  3. Dana Avatar

    Oooh…on the go snack foods. Purchases at the last minute, too. We have been bad about that. But I’m trying to take that few extra minutes at home to pack a small cooler before going in to town, because there is no way a trip into town is not going to push back a meal time.

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