What have I been doing with myself?

Let’s see.

I saw Renae! That was a lot of fun. There was a mix-up and we missed the initial meet-up. Since I couldn’t page her and didn’t have her cell number, I roamed the halls of the convention calling, “Renae! Renae!” It was my goal to be the weirdest person there. I think I succeeded.

I shopped and bought stuff, including the wrong colored tights for my daughter’s dance pictures. The right colored tights were sitting safely on the kitchen table. It was one of those days. I also slipped on a toy, did a spin, a twist and a face plant into the wall. Miraculously, there is no bruise, but it’s still smarts.

I’ve done about five hundred re-writes on our summer schedule, which still is up in the air. In addition to the two therapy sessions a week for the Bulldozer, we’re adding speech for Satchmo and OT and PT for Little Miss. Thus far, the Sprite is not getting any therapy. These brokers can share information with executives and play “follow the leader.” It will cost the average person by get more order generic levitra destroying their life savings, their 401K and other pensions, but yet there’s been nothing in the papers that show the disparity and treatment, there’s been no movement to change this, and we wonder why there’s a financial crisis. viagra canada free Penile fracture is relatively rare condition that can occur in any age group. On viagra prescription price the other hand, interrupted sleep affects brain chemistry, mood and causes stress. Powerful buy viagra pill herbs in Bluze capsule increases blood flow to the genital organs. I hope she doesn’t feel left out. I probably need some sort of therapy, too, but that’s neither here nor there.

So everything that I had been planning for our schedule is thrown out the window. I’m waiting for the therapists to tell me where we fit in. I also think I’ll need to get a night-shift job at 7-11 to pay for all our therapies. I wonder if employees get free slurpees. That would rock, except for the brain freeze.

I don’t think I’m back to regular blogging yet. I still have to get my head around our situation and since it’s a moving target. . . well, I’m working on it.

Remember the lazy days of summer? I miss that.

2 responses to “What have I been doing with myself?”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Oh, yikes. Glad you are okay.

    It was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for not being ashamed to yell my name in a crowd of mysterious strangers. Not sure you can be the weirdest in a crowd of weird, antisocial homeschoolers. 😛

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Renae. If we’d have caught it on tape, I probably could have won some money on one of those “make a fool of yourself for cash” shows.

    It was wonderful meeting you. We’ll have to plan a longer get together some time.

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