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Well, that’s discouraging

The Bulldozer had his 3-year checkup this morning, and we discussed his digestive issues. So I get to collect FIVE stool samples. One of the suggestions is to turn his diaper inside out so that it isn’t absorbent. Unfortunately, that’s asking for disaster with his, ahem, digestive issues. So this out to be interesting. Anyone want to help? No?

Also, he persists in his belief that he is two. Maybe three is just too daunting to face. Three brings a lot of new stuff, including (please, God) potty training.

Completely OT: listening to the radio, I heard that the Republicans are in trouble because the Democrats turned out 90 kabillion voters to their primary in Wisconsin but the GOP only managed five, and three of those were related to McCain. Or something. But the Dem’s nomination is still in play, while McCain has (pretty much) locked up the Republican nomination. Yes, if 3,000 things went right (or wrong, depending on your POV) Huckabee may feasibly be able to, if not win, at least force a brokered convention. But really, it’s over.

My point is that contested elections are always going to get more participation than uncontested elections. So nothing to see here; move along. And Huckabee?

“You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go!”

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4 responses to “Well, that’s discouraging”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    Or maybe they just can’t drum up enough support for a populist republican or a wife cheating, free speech stealing, bad comment making one.

    Just a thought.

  2. April Avatar

    Well, yeah, there’s that. And no doubt a great many republicans look at our *stellar* choices this year and say “meh.” And also, “Yuck!” And the occassional, “Mommy.” And it may be true that Dems overwhelm the GOP at turnout in November.

    BUT, if your looking specifically at turnout in the primaries right now, you have a contested race vs. an uncontested race. Obviously you’re going to get more people voting in a contested race. And your going to get a higher percentage of “dissent” vote (a la Ron Paul & Huckabee) in an uncontested vote. So the conclusion that the GOP is in trouble on turnout based on the turnout in the latest primaries is unfounded.

    I’m not at all excited about the primary. I’m all annoyed at trying to figure out which judge to vote for, and also there is a nutcase running in the primary against Cornyn, but that’s about it. There is much more motivation for people to vote in the Democratic primary than the GOP elections.

    You know, the whole “Your vote actually matters this year!” That is all.

  3. Dana Avatar

    ooh stool samples. Fun. I had to do that with our son but the hard part for us was getting the sample to the hospital within 45 minutes. We had to hang around town all day waiting for him to do something and then try to scrape enough out of the diaper into that little vial to rush to the hospital.

    I don’t wish that on anyone.

  4. Carrie Avatar

    The GOP primaries during the first round, when they had all 89 candidates, still only pulled in about half as many supporters as democrats.

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