Well, obviously

“In explaining any puzzling Washington phenomenon, always choose stupidity over conspiracy, incompetence over cunning. Anything else gives them too much credit.” Charles Krauthammer in today’s Washington Post.

The column is on the Armenian genocide Congressional Resolution issue. I think Krauthammer nailed the entire situation, especially the stupidity part.

For the record, I think that Congress should be limited to proposing five non-binding resolutions a year (proposing, not passing!) and should also be limited to three proclamation type resolutions, e.g. National Persimmon Day, Ebola Virus Awareness Month, etc. Nervousness that could cheapest cialis be mental and physical restlessness. Often, many children on the spectrum struggle with sensory dysfunction and check out these guys viagra free sample other unique challenges. Having viagra uk Kamagra Polo after a heavy fatty meal can delay the onset of the impacts. You will feel it on your first day from the time it hit the market revolutionized the levitra online market. Except these types of useless resolutions prevent distracting them from passing invasive laws. Hmmmm. Gotta think on this more.

2 responses to “Well, obviously”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Wise words.

    I just received a journal with an interesting contradiction. At least I thought so. It is claiming conspiracy on something passed…and said that had it not been pushed through as a rider, papers would have published it and there would have been public outcry.

    I didn’t understand where they came up with the idea that it hadn’t been discussed…it wasn’t news to me and I don’t follow that stuff all that closely. But this is what got me…after claiming that no one was reporting on it, they quoted the New York Times on its effect for the nation.

    How did they not see the contradiction?

  2. April Avatar

    Dana, if it had been “properly reported” then the public would have agreed with the journal’s position. Since they public did not cry out, obviously there wasn’t enough discussion.

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