Wednesday Whine

Yesterday’s supercharged schedule left me feeling about 20 years older when I woke up this morning. My bones creak and my back aches. I was already behind from our weekend trip, and now I’m even more behind. And I have writer’s block.

Tuesdays are hard not only because of the packed schedule but because I get a grand total of 20 minutes to myself — that brief window between arriving home between occupational therapy and loading everyone up for speech and orchestra. Yesterday we had to make a quick stop at the library between therapies, so we were only home long enough to refill water bottles and assure Jack that we hadn’t abandoned him.

Usually, I can grab some quiet time at the park while Little Miss has orchestra. Yesterday, we had to go on a softball sock hunt. Teal tie-dye. I kid you not. We settled for white and had 30 minutes to throw thoroughly unhealthy bread at the fishes and turtles. I felt a little bad about that. Do the nation’s duck and fish ponds face an obesity problem? There’s probably a federal study about that.

MTG graciously took Sprite and Little Miss to Sprite’s softball game. I got a rousing game of Uno (“No, I will not play with you if you’re going to cheat.”) and a thousand questions. Collapse onto the couch and excited softball winners come in ready to rehash the details. (yay. . . )

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I have a dream….


So fellow introverts, how do you handle unavoidable social interaction onslaught? Nothing that involves criminal activities, thank you.

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