Weaker brothers (and sisters)

A passage that came to mind while yielding for pedestrians in the parking lot, from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis:

I think I warned you before that if your can’t be kept out of the Church, he ought to at least be violently attached to some party within it. I don’t mean on really doctrinal issues; about those, the more lukewarm he is the better. And it isn’t the doctrines on which we chiefly depend for producing malice. The real fun is working up hatred between those who say ‘mass’ and those who say ‘holy communion’ when neither party could possibly state the difference between, say, Hooker’s doctrine and Thomas Aquinas’, in any form which would hold water for five minutes. And all the purely indifferent things–candles and clothes and what not– are an admirable ground for our activities. All this while you are pretty occupied and even discount levitra if you wish to speak to a family member or take an important client call, you may simply be imagined. There is also a risk for damage to non-cancerous supplementprofessors.com order generic cialis cells. Ultrasound can also discover urinary obstruct, kidney stones, and the rate at which blood leaves levitra properien the penis. The pharmaceutical statistics demonstrate that although it might be difficult to talk about impotence, thousands of men across tadalafil wholesale the world do in fact suffer from male impotence. We have quite removed from men’s minds what that pestilent fellow Paul used to teach about food and other unessentials — namely, that the human without scruples should always give in to the human with scruples. You would think they could not fail to see the application. You would expect to find the ‘low’ churchman genuflecting and crossing himself lest the weak conscience of his ‘high’ brother should be moved to irreverence, and the ‘high’ one refraining from these exercises lest he should betray his ‘low’ brother into idolatry. And so it would have been but for our ceaseless labour. Without that the variety of usage within the Church of England might have become a positive hotbed of charity and humility.

The message my brain was sending : don’t run people down with your scruples? What do you think?

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