Virtual Vacation

Or vacation planning in blog form. One of those.

Last year, after our great Grand Canyon adventure, we had tentatively planned a longer camping trip along the Lewis and Clark trail. For a lot of different reasons, that didn’t happen this year, but a girl can dream! And hopefully we’ll be taking the dream trip in a few years.

While the route the Corps of Discovery took technically extends from sea to shining sea, most people think of the Lewis and Clark Trail as starting in St. Louis, Missouri: the end of civilization or the beginning of frontier.

The National Park Service has a nifty page that links to all the national, state, local and private visitor centers along the trail.

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lewis and clark

All of the beauty, none of the mosquito bites.

What about you? Where are you going on your (real or virtual) vacation?

One response to “Virtual Vacation”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    no where…wishing I would just get child support for ONE year without game playing and then I could not work so much overtime and actually go the beach and Atlaya( think moorish castle) in SC . But…my twins are spending a month with their grandpa camping across the country. They are in Nevada tonight.

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