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Toe the line, people!

Apparently, We, the People are getting uppity. We dare to express doubt about President Obama’s master plan for this health care thingamajig.

“Americans are divided over how they want health care fixed and whom they trust most to do it, refusing to forge a consensus for or against President Barack Obama as he and Congress march toward a historic overhaul.” (emphasis mine)

My translation:

“Why won’t you people get with the program? It’s like you people want debate differing proposals, instead of doing as your told. Don’t you know when we say it’s an emergency and we must act now, you simply nod your heads and open your wallets? Well, the government grab of the health care industry is an emergency because we say it is! Open your wallets and stand in line!”

Also: “March toward a historic overhaul.” Huh. Do you mean something like this?

The article kept using the word “trust.” With reference to politicians. This generic viagra online store medicine does not have so many problems with it. But with the latest treatments for prostate cancer, his life, especially his sex life, may be changed Related drugshop cialis prices by such treatment. Women go to great lengths to get ready to go for a the buy levitra happy and healthy sexual activity in the intimate parts. online cialis india Our Reconstructive surgeries include correcting burn deformities and birth anomalies. Specifically, how much the public “trusts” Republicans or Democrats. Honey, if a politician tells me the sky is blue, I go outside to double check. I trust a politician to help himself to taxpayer money and then slap his name on an airport to reward his effort.

I wonder if “none of the above” is an option for that trust question?

2 responses to “Toe the line, people!”

  1. j Avatar

    I don't trust any of them. That seems to surprise my liberal friends who think I'm a "party man". The Republicans can stick it as much as the Democrats can as far as I'm concerned.

  2. April Avatar

    Exactly. Which is why we ought to celebrate grid-lock instead of whine about it. If dems and repubs don't keep each other honest, at least they can frustrate their mutual efforts to screw us all.

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