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Today’s truth

Government recommendations on food (and exercise and carbon emissions, etc.) are often treated as gospel by the media, the medical community, and of course, the average Joe. But a recent spate of food news shows that what they thought they knew is wrong, so they have to rewrite their bible:

Fat? Maybe not the demon it’s portrayed to be.

Cholesterol? We might be wrong about that, too.

Salt is another unfairly maligned food item.

And of course, trans fats. (Don’t get me started on trans fats. I may repost my article that was once on the Washington Times Communities Pages but has been removed. But just a taste: did you know that trans fats were developed with the agricultural industry was looking for something to do with its waste, e.g. cottonseed oil? And soy oil has to be partially hydrogenated to use in food because the smell of unhydrogenated has a “fishy-painty-grassy-melony” flavor. Appetizing, no?)

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When it comes to having a healthy diet, it seems to me that the government recommendations are the last place you should consult. In addition to making set-in-stone pronouncements on matters that are not completely understood, they too often make decisions for the benefit of interests groups rather than to promote accurate information. Case in point, the state of Florida requiring skim milk to be labeled as “artificial milk product” because it hasn’t been adulterated. (FYI: Those “all-natural”, “organic” and “whole grain” labels have a lot more to do with marketing than the food marketed.)

I don’t think everything the government has to say about food is wrong or misguided, but I think it’s wrong often enough and has enough conflicts of interest when it comes to making regulations and recommendations that “government recommendations” should be disqualified from being a primary source of nutrition information. Generally, information filters down to the government; it isn’t generated from the government. So it almost always lags behind the most current information anyway.

But wherever you get your information on food or anything else, it’s important to remember that we are always acting on incomplete data and that people always interpret facts through the grid of their own biases and interests. The science is never settled. In fact, since science is the process of studying the natural world through observation and experimentation, it can never be settled. There will always be more to observe; the process will always continue.

Who knows what we’ll learn about fat or cholesterol or salt tomorrow? But for today, I’ll have some bacon and eggs, but maybe I’ll skip the biscuits made with shortening.

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