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Three cheers for dads!


Last weekend, I had the chance to share a room with my sister again as neither of our husband’s could make my nephew’s graduation. (Top 10%, thank you very much.) Because of some other stuff going on, we were talking about how truly blessed we were to grow up in a family with a loving, strong dad. We both know so many adults who are messed up, and the common thread for most of them seems to be that they didn’t have a loving dad in their daily lives. What I took for granted as kids — a dad who loved our mom and loved and provided for us — I now realize is an incredible blessing that has given all of us a sure foundation and equipped us to handle the challenges of life.

The absolutely dumbest thing our culture has done — dumber than transfats, dumber than Justin Bieber, dumber than New Coke — is to say by word or deed that dads are superfluous.  The truth is not that dads are more important than moms or better than moms, but dads are as important as moms in the lives of their children. Both mothers and fathers are needed; they nurture and teach their children in different ways, all of which are necessary for those children to thrive. And a whole host of the worst of society’s ills have a direct correlation to the lack of fathers in the home.

For the dads who are in the thick of parenting, you matter. You’re important, and what you’re doing right now will have more impact on the future than anything else you can do. For my husband especially, thank you for being such a wonderful father to our people. I love watching them interact with you and learn from you. I love seeing you cheer them on and goof off with them. And all those moments you spend with them are helping our kids become strong for their road ahead.

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And for my daddy, especially, thank you for your strength, your protection, your love, and your wisdom. Your presence in my life continues to bless me — and your grandchildren — in ways I never expected. I owe you more than I can ever express.

Happy Father’s Day.


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